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Buying Single-Family Real Estate Investment Properties

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  • Buying Single-Family Real Estate Investment Properties

    Real estate investing is a fascinating topic and a successful investment strategy for many people. As with most endeavors, the more information you have and the more carefully you apply that information to your set of circumstances, the better for you. Residential real estate investing can be a great source of income and cash flow for those who understand the process. This article will likely interest you if you’ve been thinking about how to get started in real estate ownership or if you’ve already taken action and set goals for future opportunities.

    Today, we are talking with a leading residential realtor in our second interview of a three-part series. The first article discussed views on [URL="https://homeia.com/blog/buying-duplexes-and-residential-real-estate-as-investment-properties/"]purchasing properties for use as rentals, especially duplexes[/URL]. This article delves into the same topic with a slant on buying single-family homes for investment purposes. We are speaking with Tim Kindem, a Minneapolis residential Realtor with Keller Williams Integrity Lakes, who works with clients to locate and purchase properties that enhance their investment portfolios and supply an additional source of income. Let’s invest a little time.
    Read full at source: [url]https://homeia.com/buying-single-family-real-estate-investment-properties/[/url]
    I learned a lot in our first discussion about real estate investing with the emphasis on duplexes. Today, I’d like to know more about buying investment properties, especially single-family homes.